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Michael Duermit – Master Builder

A man whose education and experience uniquely fit this description is Mike Duermit.


At Wittenberg University he earned a bachelor’s degree in urban design. As an Army officer he taught at the Engineering School in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, and supervised construction projects both in the U.S. and Vietnam. He then obtained a master’s degree in land planning from the University of Toledo. His distinguished academic accomplishments also include a Loeb Fellowship at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, where he taught in the late 1970’s.

A corporate executive from Ohio and his wife were so satisfied with their Cincinnati- Duermit house that they insisted he come to Western North Carolina to build them a second home. What began as just another professional opportunity for Mike Duermit, quickly became an excellent turn of fate. He fell in love with the natural beauty and tranquility of the area and stayed. That decision became good fortune for people wanting homes that reflect their lifestyles and the joy they find in these ancient, awe-inspiring mountains.

Pyramid builders were highly esteemed by the Pharaohs. Artisan palace builders held favored places in the courts of ancient Chinese emperors. Throughout the Middle Ages an elite group of builders and designers created castles of massive strength and magnificent beauty. Today, discriminating homeowners of means achieve meaningful personal expression through their dwellings. They, too, seek the unusual master builder. The one with rare abilities that make possible both structural excellence and unparalleled design esthetics.

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