Duermit Custom Homes

Budget Driven Home Building Design

Listening to needs…interpreting dreams…watching smiles as unique homes emerge.

In a few words, Mike reveals an insightful understanding of those who choose him to build their homes. “My clients tend to want to build understated, yet elegant homes. They aren’t as concerned with sending the message, ‘I am very successful,’ but rather, ‘I have a unique home and it’s me, not somebody else’s vision of me, but mine.’ ”

Mike utilizes his unique Budget Driven Design approach to building a custom home. He and the client agree on a budget before the design begins. Mike guarantees this budget as he and the client develop the house plans. As Mike begins a design, he carefully considers what clients have said about factors like size, shape, number of rooms, amenities and the amount to be invested. He finds affordable and tasteful approaches to a design, meeting homeowner goals within budgetary boundaries. Soon that design comes alive, sparking enthusiasm for builder and homeowner alike. At this point, Mike has a designer prepare working plans.

Mike discusses his approach, “I use my Budget Driven Design approach because it provides the best value for the client. When I quote a cost per square foot that includes my design fee. I’m cost competitive with other builders and provide a bonus of free design.” While he feels this is the ideal way to work, Mike also works with clients who come to him with other quality designs and plans in hand. “I can develop a contract around those also. I’ve done it often. Admittedly, I usually make some useful suggestions and modifications, but that comes from my experience and education. I would be giving the client less than my best if I didn’t speak up when I see room for improvement.”

Mike’s land planning abilities are also important to his design approach. They help his homes become an integral part of the land on which they are situated. When viewed, each one seems a natural part of its surroundings. Even so, visual appearances are not the only consideration. The feel and comfort levels of living in a house are also vitally important. Many days and hours are spent studying natural factors such as topography, orientation to the sun, wind direction, drainage and other microenvironment factors. Few challenges are as complex as bringing together a wide range of professionals to build a fine home. The ability to organize this diverse group of subcontractors and ensure quality work is critical.

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