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“Mike has built no less than three homes for us over the years and the results have always exceeded our expectations. Whether he was engaged as a designer/builder or in collaboration with an independent architect, he was easy to work with and fully committed to a high quality result. He focuses on delivering real value, takes great pride in his work and stands behind it—and that’s a tough combination to beat!”
– Gary Breissinger

“After nearly two and one half years in my home in Kenmure, I am as happy today as I was on the day I moved into my home. From the start of the planning process for the house, through construction and now, to follow up on any problems or concerns I may have, your company has been there to ensure that I have a quality home I am pleased with.”
– Vincent Knipfing

“Our house was completed on budget, ahead of schedule and to a high level of construction quality. You responded quickly when we identified problems during construction and prevented minor problems from becoming major issues. Since completion, the entire Duermit team has demonstrated its commitment to customer satisfaction as they have resolved various post-construction problems.”
– Jack and Ellen Wiesenthal

“From the first contact with Mike Duermit, to the final completion of our home in Flat Rock, we felt extremely comfortable because we knew that Mike had put together a first class building organization and we were in great hands. Our home was completed as expected and on the budget forecast which is a rare commodity in today’s construction.”
– Frank and Margie Davis

“Mike’s attention to detail, his willingness to listen, but also offer constructive alternate suggestions, led us to design a house that ultimately met our full expectations…Ten years after the fact, we are still highly pleased with the results of our decision. Mike has remained in contact and followed up on any issues we have had, whether the related to the construction of the home, or not.”
– David J. Ticko

“We have been in our house a little over four years and are most pleased with the overall quality of the construction. On numerous occasions visitors ask, ‘Have you been happy with your builder?’ A resounding YES is the reply, and the reason we give them is that you did what you said you would do, and if there was a problem, you made it right. Thanks for being a builder with integrity and for building us a great house!”
– Charlie and Linda Thompson

“Without question, were I to build another house, I would ask Mr. Duermit to be the builder.”
– Christian Allan, MD

“Although we’re still in the planning stage, Terry and I both want to express our appreciation for the patience and professional approach you’ve taken in helping translate our
thoughts for our dream home into a tangible plan that we can see and work with. You have a rare gift to be able to accurately reflect on paper our mental image for what we want our home to be. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with you and look forward to the next phase of the development process.”
– Sandy and Terry Enslen

“First of all, I think the most positive about Mike Duermit’s relationship with us revolved around the fact that we were not living in the area when the reconstruction was being completed and the timeliness with which each phase of construction was carried out was very impressive…Throughout the project we found him to be honest and forthright in his explanations and especially important to me, he was respectful and gentlemanly in dealing with my wife during our project. My experience found him to be of strong character and good integrity.”
Mark A. Lundeen, M.D.

“Although our house in Kenmure is not quite complete we believe our experience in working with you and your firm over the past couple of years is sufficient to qualify us to relate some of the things we believe the Duermit team does well. Here are a few that standout:

  • The integration of both the architectural and construction processes. This has been particularly valuable in helping us transform our vision into reality. The opportunity to communicate our interests to someone who has the ability to both design a workable model as well as the capability of turning it into physical reality has been very valuable. As you know, that process is not always easy and having people like you and your experienced team help guide and support us has been helpful.
  • The professional competence of your field construction team, both management and sub-contractors is outstanding. The quality of their work and their ability to effectively and pragmatically solve problems is excellent. Both their advice and patience are to be commended.
  • Your cost-per-square-foot estimates are competitive.
  • The members of the office support staff are friendly and helpful. They treat us more like family than clients.

It would be unrealistic to expect that the design and construction of any project, especially one that involves something as personal as a dwelling, to not encounter some problems. The details are too many and the subject too personal. But you and your team have been extremely effective in both listening and attempting to solve issues we’ve presented. In our opinion, it is that quality, the ability to listen and solve problems (real or imagined) that we believe to be your firms greatest asset. Both Mary and I are pleased that we selected you to design and construct our house in Flat Rock. We feel very comfortable referring you to others. ”
– Malcolm and Mary Kessinger

“As this was our first house to build it was made easy by Mike Duermit, especially when the design and development was accomplished from Saudi Arabia. Mike was responsive in our requirements to changes which were incorporated into the build phase. When we made trips to Hendersonville, Mike made appointments with suppliers and subcontractors who we needed to discuss interior design or construction issues. His advice during the planning stages was invaluable. We have been very happy with our home. We appreciate everything which was done and are pleased with Duermit’s team and its commitment to stand behind its reputation to make things right when problems occur after moving into the home.”
– Chet and Harriet Garrison

“We recommend that anyone planning to build a new home in Western North Carolina consider Duermit Custom Homes as a potential building contractor. Mike Duermit’s architecture design skills and years of experience building in WNC offer the complete package for a new home, from conceptual planning through permitting and timely completion of construction. We were particularly pleased with Mike’s willingness to work with our ideas and sketches, and the unique characteristics of our mountain building lot, to develop a site plan and custom home design that fully satisfied our needs, and was compatible with the architectural style of our new community. Mike’s staff have been friendly, competent, flexible, accessible, and responsive throughout the process of completing our project. We are very pleased with our new home.”
– Wyman and Joyce Robb

“…We greatly benefited from Michael Duermit’s knowledge of such requirements (City’s ETJ and Steep Slope requirements) and were impressed with the quality of his subcontractors. Furthermore, ours was not the normal construction approach. We had unique requirements that Mr. Duermit accommodated efficiently and agreeably. ..”
– M.G. Parentice

“…When my wife and I started our research for building our home in Champion Hills, it was important to find the right builder since we would not be in North Carolina for the building process. After interviewing several builders, we felt very comfortable with Mike Duermit to design and build our home. Through the process, Mike styed in close contact and made us feel very confident and worked through several changes we made during the building…”
– Mark C. Gurney

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